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Tactile Switches (SMD Type)


Tactile Switches (Snap-In)


Tactile Switches (Illuminated)


Micro Switches



Leaf Switches



Multi Function Switches



Hook Switches



Slide Switches (Miniature)



Slide Switches (Vertical)



Slide Switches (Horizontal)


Pogo Pin connector




Push Switches (PBM Series)



Push Switches (PB Series)



Push Switches (PS Series)



Push Switches (PBS Series)


Toggle Switches


Rocker Switches


Under Construction 3


DC Power Jacks



Phone Jacks



RCA Jacks



DIN Jacks



USB Connectors




Card Connectors


PCB Connectors



Rotary Potentiometers


Battery Connectors



Slide Potentiometers


UMC Connectors



Joystick Potentiometers


Detector Switches





   Tilt Sensor Switches


          Metal Parts

Dip Switches


Door Latchs

Under Construction 4



Under Construction 5


Under Construction 6


 Top Messages
Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)

During 13-16 October 2024, we will be exhibiting at the "Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)"

We cordally invite you to visit.


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